CAD-CUT® materials are cut using a plotter-cutter, and applied to textiles using a heat press.

The quality of our CAD-CUT® materials is apparent from our many years of International experience as both a developer and manufacturer of textile printing films.   

In our Company’s global research centres, and production sites, we continuously develop and improve our products by utilising cutting-edge production techniques, and research new and innovative technologies.


In STAHLS production facilities our CAD-CUT® materials are continuously tested for quality and ease of use. In this way we can ensure that both you and your customers will receive the very best materials for textile finishing. We never forget our philosophy that our products should be as easy as possible to use, whilst maintaining the highest level of quality.

To achieve these standards we consistently invest in the development of our products, and research more efficient procedures to ensure that your customers will continue to find our textile finishing products of great interest.