CAD-CUT® Silicone

Durable silicone material with a matte finish and a soft touch.

“Silicone 3D-200” is 200 microns thick, and is ideal for medium to large cutting details. Because of its blocking ability, it is ideal for prints onto sublimated polyester.                                                                                               

The “Silicone 3D-500” is 500 microns thick, and is a durable, silicone material with a matte finish, and soft touch. This unique 3D look enhances any fashion wear.

silicon colors

Available in

  • 50 cm x 25 m rolls

Recommended fabrics:

  • 100% Cotton,
  • Poly/Cotton blend,
  • Polyester blend
  • 100% Polyester

Accessories needed:

  • STAHLS‘ Weeder® to weed
  • Reusable- or Grip Cover Sheet