CAD-COLOR® SportsFilm / ExpressPrint

The printable SportsFilm is ideal for photo-realistic images, or tones, to create multi-coloured designs or graphics.

A polyurethane film for heat transfer application, which is perfect for printing high quality, full four-colour graphics with perfect opacity. Ideal to print and cut because of the polyester carrier. The film is thin, white, and very easy to weed, and to cut through to the polyester backing. 

Reduce production time when printing heat transfers for garment application with your eco-solvent printer/cutter. New SportsFilm/Express Print has been designed to dry quickly, saving unecessary down time before heat application.

Applicated SportsFilm detail view 1


Applicated SportsFilm detail view 2


Colors remain vibrant after washing and the handis soft with a matte finish. Coated with a specialty adhesive designed for application on a wide range of fabrics, including synthetics, performance wear and many designer textiles.


Applicated SportsFilm

Available in

  • 50cm x 25m rolls.

Suitable for

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Polyester
  • Poly/Cotton blends
  • Polyester mesh
  • Satin
  • Cordura®

*Material should be tested before commencing production

Accessories required

  • CAD-COLOR® SolutionsMask™
  • STAHLS Weeder®
  • non-stick or grip cover sheet.